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Maiscobs is low in protein and high in crude fiber. It is therefore particularly suitable as a basic food supplement, to increase the weight of the horse or as a supplement for competition horses.

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The advantage of NordicGrass Maiscobs lies in the high proportion of crude fibre with a high energy density and relatively low protein content. This releases the energy in the large intestine slowly and steadily. This is especially a big benefit for horses that have to provide endurance, such as in the field of distance, eventing and driving sports.


Analitical components: Raw protein 6-7% Moisture max 13% Raw fiber 18-25% Metabol. energy min 11MJ/kg; Starch 21-29%



Horses weighing approx. 500 kg: Light use – approx. 1kg per day; Racing horses, heavy work – approx. 1.5kg per day. The exact dosage depends on the horse’s weight, activity and the nutritional content of the basic hay. You can feed the horse directly in the dry form or soaked in the water – just try and see what is the best for your horse.

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