High Perfomer St Hippolyt

High Perfomer St Hippolyt

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High Performer combines the essential nutrients and vital substances of Super Condition with the special properties of the PSB-complex and oligopeptides.


The oligopeptides of High Performer are short fragments of natural protein and have been identified in long years of fundamental research at an American university. The combination with theĀ PSBĀ®-nukleotides results in an improved exploitation of the horse’s performance and development potential.

Feeding of High Performer

In combination with a well-adpted basic supplementary feed, High Performer may contribute to impressive feeding sucess. High Performer is of great advantage for all kinds of equestrian disciplines. We recommend the following purposes:

High Performer for sports horses

  • Improved stamina and top performances
  • More reserve power in the collection
  • More balance and willingness to work
  • Less exhaustion and organic wear
  • Enhanced regenerative capability
  • Reduced susceptibility to infection

High Performer in breeding

  • Supports embryonic development and formation of tissue during pregnancy
  • Improves the physical constitution of weak and exhausted mares
  • Boosts milk production in case of lactation problems


High Performer to recovery

  • Faster recovery after colic and serious operations
  • Supports the immune system in case of infections
  • Supports tissue repair in case of wear and tear


Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 30 cm

10kg, 3Kg

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