Equimall forte 500ml

Equimall forte 500ml


The yeast and malt extract with the addition of herbs stimulates appetite as well as strengthening and improving intestinal function.
The liquid malt and yeast concentrate made from five different types of malt, fine herbs and lysed yeast.

stimulating appetite and digestion
tasty and nutritious
promotes energy production in the muscles
without added sugar and without carbonic acid


This cereal, germinated in a controlled way, after the elimination of the sprout is dried, that is, dried.
During the germination process, several enzymes gather, which strongly reduce the content of proteins, starches, cellulose and pentosans. The enzymes transform the reserve substances contained in the grains of the cereal and which are used for the growth of the sprout, into soluble substances. Here the germination process is stopped. The resulting green malt is made conservable by drying: after a complex drying process, the particular toasted aroma, typical of malt, develops.

An extract of the finest types of malt

For EquiMall, five different types of malt are ground and mashed with water. This slow and temperate process, with the help of the enzymes thus released, develops a great variety of nutrients and vital substances and active ingredients. In addition to highly nutritious sugar compounds, primary aromatic substances, various volatile organic acids, polyphenols and cleavage products from protein compounds, as well as nucleoside compounds are developed.

Herbs, enzymes and antioxidants

The added spices and herbs give EquiMall its tasty note and, together with the active enzymes of the malt, promote digestion. EquiMall contains a series of natural phenol compounds, with an antioxidant effect, which nutritionally protect the heart, blood vessels, muscles, skin and nervous system of the horse.

A completely natural product

While traditional malt beer is made with the addition of sugar, food colors and carbonic acid, EquiMall is an absolutely natural and alcohol-free product. The high concentration of malt produces its dark color and sweet taste. After adding fresh yeast, EquiMall is gently heated and hermetically packaged. The patented packaging technique avoids product deterioration, without preservatives. Fresh lysed yeast, rich in vitamin B, is recommended in cases of damaged intestinal flora and reduced performance.

The yeast and malt extract with the addition of herbs stimulates the appetite as well as strengthening and improving the intestinal function.
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