Super Condition St Hippolyt

Super Condition St Hippolyt

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Concentrated natural ingredients for high performers to provide them with a constant supply of energy and the exact nutrients needed for efficient muscle metabolism.


Enjoy working

It is only when you start feeling the first step of the trot reverberating gently throughout your horse’s body, when a second start is as perfect as the first one, when the exercises are perfectly accomplished on both leads – these are especially impressive and elevating moments in equitation. Horses who are willing learners and who love to work will easily develop their muscles.

Super Condition

Concentrated natural ingredients for high performers. Well-developed and well working muscles are an absolute necessity for succeeding in any sport. However, only relaxed muscles that are well supplied with blood can be efficiently developed to increase a horse’s strength and endurance. SuperCondition has been specifically formulated to provide high performing horses with a constant supply of energy and the exact nutrients needed for efficient muscle metabolism.

  • rich in antioxidant vitamins
  • rich in minerals important to the muscle function
  • enriched with high-quality protein
  • enhancing and protection formula – all in one


Making horse riding easier

A well-balanced muscle metabolism reduces the time needed to warm up. This means muscles can be built faster during training, thus enabling daily performances to be improved faster with a minimum of physical decline. A healthy muscle metabolism furthermore ensures that waste products inside the muscles, for example lactic acid, are removed quickly, that recovery times are reduced and that the motivation for the training stays high, increasing both, general performance and stamina.

When a basic feed is not enough

SuperCondition has been specifically formulated to provide all of the nutrients vital to an efficient muscle function which tend to be severely lacking from most horses’ normal daily diets. Horses whose muscles have to work extremely hard or who are genetically endowed with a lot of muscles, need a higher dose of nutrients to build and to protect muscles.
A lack of these special nutrients can cause muscle tension, hardening and even tearing, and thus cause permanent damage to muscles, tendons and joints. SuperCondition is ideally suited for addressing such deficiencies and is suitable for both temporary and long term use.

A feed with obvious results

Its high-quality ingredients and specially selected range of minerals and vitamins make SuperCondition ideal for feeding as concentrate. SuperCondition will generate visible results even when fed in quantities of only a few hundred grams a day.
SuperCondition has proven particularly effective as a concentrate supplement for demanding dressage horses and breeding stallions. But also pleasure riders appreciate if their horse is willingly working and without any problems in rideability.

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