Hippomun St Hippolyt

Hippomun St Hippolyt


Nutritional support for the immune system.

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The effectiveness of the body’s immune system depends on its ability to react fast, and on the immune cells’ ability to proliferate rapidly. St. Hippolyt’s Hippomun contains a range of approved nutritional components such as selected brewer’s yeast and grape seed extract horses particularly need under stress.

  • supports the equine immune system during change of stable and shedding
  • for competition horses, breeding animals and foals
  • during periods of recovery
  • easy to feed as pellets


Supporting the body’s natural defences

Some horses are even more susceptible to bacteria, viruses, moulds or parasites. They have a poor immune system. Vaccinations, stress or periods with increased risks of infection are an additional challenge for the immune system. Typical examples are the weaning of foals, stables with a high fluctuation, the show or breeding season, as well as transports or changes of stable.

Diet-related conditioning of scavenger cells

The scavenger cells (macrophages) are the immune system’s  “Rapid Reaction Force”, killing and “eating” all pathogens that are identified in the blood as damaging or exogenous substance. Feeding tests showed that special brewer’s yeast extracts are especially beneficiary for the development of scavenger cells which considerably strengthens the immune system at the same time.

Immune-activating composition

High-quality protein derived from oil seeds, algae and brewer’s yeast, as well as omega-3 fatty acids from linseed oil and linseed protect the macrophages and the lymphocytes and provide the immune cells with the necessary building blocks. Selected brewer’s yeast extracts as basic nutrients for the scavenger cells play a key role in the equine immune system.

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Grape seed extract, brewer's yeast, maize germs, barley flakes, linseed, malt-yeast-mixture, apple syrup, oil mixture (linseed, sunflower oil) cold pressed, sea weed meal, Himalayan salt, chlorella-alga


Raw protein 15,0 %, Raw fibre 15,0 %, Raw fat 13,0 %, Raw ash 8,5 %, Calcium 1,0 %, Phosphorus 0,5 %, Sodium 0,1 %

Feeding recommendations

6 g per 100 kg body weight per day, continue feeding for 7 days. Then take a break for 3 weeks. Than repeat the feeding interval. If necessary the first days of feeding could be doubled to 14 days. Just mix this concentrate under the usual daily feed. Schema: 7 day feed – 21 days break – 7 days feed – 21 days break – 7 days feed – 21 days break or 14 days feed – 21 days break – 7 days feed – 21 days break – 7 days feed

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