Makor St Hippolyt

Makor St Hippolyt


The unique combination of magnesium and vitamin E provides a perfect support against tensions, listlessness or meteorosensitifity.

Makor contains a range of different magnesium compounds, high levels of vitamin E and a unique blend of especially selected herbs.

  • high content in magnesium and vitamin E
  • effective selection of herbs
  • highly available nutrients


Detecting a magnesium deficiency

Horses who are trained hard or who are competing a lot, young horses in training and older horses have an increased requirement for magnesium. The same applies to mares towards the end of gestation. Pregnant mares can suffer from tensions, blockades and muscle spasms or even premature labour. The more subtle signs of magnesium deficiency are anxiety, respiratory distress and, in connection with deficiency-caused cardiovascular problems, swollen legs and associated weather-related colic.

The solution

Makor will effectively balance these deficiencies within a couple of days, making nervous horses more relaxed, tensed horses will be better to ride and weather-sensitive horses more robust. Makor provides excellent nutritional support for potentially challenging situations such as change of stable or climate, transport, riding, gestation or birth.

Weight1 kg

Herbs (coriander, hawthorn, anise, fennel) 35%, mixture of magnesium acetate and fumarate 30%, linseed and sunflower oil cold pressed 7%, brewer's yeast, garlic, grape skins, Himalayan salt, seaweed meal, maize germs, sugar beet molasses, grape seed extract, curcuma, barley germs, sea algae chalk, cinnamon, vinegar, pea protein


Raw protein 6,0 %, Raw fibre 8,0 %, Raw fat 7,5 %, Raw ash 18,0 %, Calcium 0,6 %, Phosphorus 0,2 %, Magnesium 10,0%, Sodium 0,4 %

Nutritional additives (per Kg)

Vitamin A 40.000 IE, Vitamin D3 4.400 IE, Vitamin E 40.000 mg, Vitamin C 10.000 mg, Vitamin B12 5.000 mcg, Biotin 700 mcg

Microelements (per Kg)

Iron 300 mg, Zinc 470 mg, Manganese 170 mg, Copper 50 mg, Iodine 3,0 mg, Cobalt 8,0 mg, Selenium 0,6 mg

Feeding recommendation

Ca. 5 g per 100 kg body weight per day. If necessary, temporarily, double the amount given.

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