Pre Alpin Protein Light

Pre Alpin Protein Light


The mix of grasses with low protein content.

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The main mix of grasses low protein devoid of herbs. The dry forage and feed for horses basic genuine intolerance to proteins or herbs.

Possible uses:

  • basic feed for all horses and ponies (a replacement for hay)
  • improvement of hay and silage
  • in spring and autumn, integration of the feed to the pastures in the case of tender grass too high in protein and low in crude fiber
  •  for horses with a predisposition to eczema
  •  in case of intolerance to the proteins
  •  for horses intolerant herbal or homeopathic treatment need to receive a free herb
  •  for horses that do not like the flavor of the herbs
  •  for low-protein diet
  •  for a diet low in sugar and fructose


Weight25 kg


Nutritional additives (per Kg)

Raw protein 6,20 %, Digestible raw protein 4,80 %, Oils and raw fats 1,70 %, Raw fibre 36,30%, Raw ash 3,90 %, Calcium 0,31 %, Phosphorus 0,25 %, Magnesium 0,09 %, Zinc 12,00 mg / kg, Manganese 26,00 mg / kg, Copper 4,10 mg / kg Selenium 0,02 mg / kg, Digestible energy (GfE 2003) 6,82 MJ / kg, Digestible energy (Fehrle 1999) 8,78 MJ / kg

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