Glyx Mash 5Kg


Glyx Mash 5Kg

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Happiness without Sugar – Mash for special cases

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Happiness without Sugar

A juicy apple, a crisp carrot, fresh grass, crusty bread or a delicious fragrant grain cereal after work – at first glance it seems to be quite a healt hy reward for the horse. But many of these “treats” contain a considerable amount of sugar and starch. An excess of sugar and starch raises blood sugar levels and increases the risk of laminitis. But there are ways to reward a horse, without risk, and without the horse lover de veloping a guilty conscience.

Thanks to Glyx Mash, horses allergic to cereals can now enjoy feeding on Mash. Because Mash can be part of the feed for horses suffering from colic or recovering from digestive disorders.

  • gluten- and molasses-free
  • low glycemic index
  • prebiotic and purifying
  • versatile, everyday use

Glyx -Mash is reduced in sugar and starch, and is free from grain , molasses and gluten. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for horses that need to be fed carbohydr ate-reduced diets and particularly gentle on the stomach. The rich composition of prebiotic ingredients contributes t o a harmonization of bowel function. And in addition, selected herbs aid the digestion processes.

Protection and care on the inside

The mucilage substance extracted from cracked linseed prot ects mucous membranes throughout the digestive tract. The excellent swelling capacity of the Glyx Mash-ingredien ts promotes pressure on the intestinal walls and supports excretion of foreign substances and pollutants. Stimula tion of intestinal movements promotes easier emptying of bowel. Can be used for general digestive support, days spend in the sta ll, during shedding and intense performance and during sickness.

Weight5 kg
Dimensions35 × 35 × 30 cm
Feeding Recommendation

Mix approx. 70-250 g Glyx-Mash per 100 kg body weight with the 1.5 times the amount of warm o r hot water, let it stand for approx. 15 min. and f eed it warm. Glyx-Mash can also be prepared with cold water in t he summer months with the soaking time being increa sed to 30 minutes. In general, feed 1 – 3 times a w eek. If necessary, it can be fed every day. 1 liter = approx. 430 g Glyx Mash

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