Special arranged linseed for gastric or intestinal protection.

The golden yellow flax seed is gently cracked open in a patented process and has proven to maintain the horse’s silky coat as well as to support the proper functioning of the intestinal tract of emaciated horses or horses that tend to colic. LinuStar also serves to protect the gastric mucosa – even with existing gastric ulcers.

  • rich in high-quality mucilage
  • rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • no crushing or cooking required
  • easy feeding
  • amazingly effective


The all-important question: gold or brown

Flax seed is a worldwide known feedstuff. Contrary to the brown linseed, it is not necessary to heat the yellow linseed – which is of tremendous advantage as the brown linseed has to be strongly heated to prevent one of the comprised enzymes in the seed from releasing hydrocyanic acid which might be harmful to the horse. But heating the linseed leads to denaturing the valuable omega-3 fatty acids, the vitamin E and the mucilage whose positive features are partly destroyed in this process. Flax seed is in general sensitive to heat or processing.

No chewing = no digestion

However, flax seed does not respond to the horse’s digestive process unless being segregated by crushing or the horse’s chewing before; it would be egested without being used. Neither the stomach nor the intestine would benefit from the valuable mucilage that enhances the horse’s shiny coat.

Patented decomposition process

Cracking is a smooth decomposition process causing hairline ruptures to the shell of the seed. It is still protected against oxidation and deterioration. However, if it comes in contact with liquids like water or the digestive secretions, the shell macerates and the mucilage and all other nutrients are available for the organism. The valuable ingredients of the golden yellow flax seed are now able to support a healthy stomach and intestine and help to keep the horse’s coat shiny and velvety.

Weight 3 kg

Golden linseed, cracked


Raw protein 16,0 %, Raw fibre 18,0 %, Raw fat 30,0 %, Dietary fibre 27,0 %

Nutritional additives (per Kg)


Feeding recommendation

Ca. 10 – 20 g per 100 kg body weight per day together with the concentrated feed or with IrishMash. If necessary, temporarily, double the amount given.

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