Balance St Hippolyt

Balance St Hippolyt


Concentrated feed in sack of 20 kg

This balanced muesli is very popular and has a large number of regular users.
It is based on pre-sprouted barley and corn flakes,
 which digestibility is top notch. Commodities such as apple syrup, apple pomace,
 cold-pressed oils and oil seeds makes müsli extremely tasty.
It contains a wide variety of energy-producing raw materials 
and plant parts with a high content of vital substances
The concentrated form makes it into an attractive and economical feed 
in which a small amount covers the horse's needs for vitamins and minerals.
 herbs have a high content of easily shifted energy in the form of malted,
 heat-treated barley, and corn flakes, maize germ, wheat germ and sunflower seeds.
 Cold pressed plant oils added natural, essential polyunsaturated fatty acids benefit the metabolism 
and the heat-treated carbohydrates and the cold-pressed oils ensures a controlled energy release.
A high content of biologically active substances ensures a smooth digestion,
 like cellulose and pectin from eg intact plant fibers and dried fruit stimulates intestinal 
bacteria activity and supports the bacterial synthesis of energy-rich fatty acids and essential vitamins.
Weight20 kg
Dimensions40 × 80 × 10 cm

Crude protein 10.0%
Crude fibers 8.0%
Crude fat 5.0%
Råaske 10,5 %
Ford. crude protein 80 g / kg
Ford. Energy 12.5 MJ / kg
Oms. Energy 10.8 MJ / kg
Starch 26.0%
Sugar 7.5lcium 1,5 %,
Phosphorus 0,6 %,
Magnesium 0,5 %,
Sodium 0,8 %
lysin 0,34%
Mhetonin 0,15%


Approximately 100-200 grams per. 100 kg body weight daily depending on the operating level and individual foderudnytttelse.
Maintenance The need for vitamins and minerals considered to be covered by a daily allocation of 100 g Balance per. 100 kg body weight.
At increased work / stress put the volume up to 150-200 g per. 100 kg body weight.
There may possibly. supplemented with additional subsidies in the form of Int. Sports, Super Condition and Performance Fibre High Protein.
Oat or corn flakes may be used in extra energy needs.
If you want a grain-free alternative used Palatin høcobs or Glyx-Wiese Senior Fibre.

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