Struktur Energetikum St Hippolyt

Struktur Energetikum St Hippolyt


A highly nutritious concentrate feed that combines a selected range of only the finest ingredients. This feed contains a balanced range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that will cover a horse’s entire daily vitamin and mineral requirements even when fed in low quantities.

The best of daily feeding

A tournament victory, a successful riding lesson, a lovely ride out – there are so many great moments that riding gives us. No matter whether we are only pleasure or competition riders. Our enjoyment of our horse grows through its strength, vitality and zest. To promote and to maintain this is sometimes also the task of an appropriate feed.


A highly nutritious concentrate Struktur-Energetikum is a highly nutritious concentrate feed that combines a selected range of only the finest ingredients such as different oil seeds, ground algae, fruits and more than 30 different herbs which are added only when in season, to produce an extremely delicious muesli. Struktur-Energetikum contains a balanced range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that will cover a horse’s entire daily vitamin and mineral requirements even when fed in low quantities.

  • rich in bio-active herbs
  • with the different kinds of sprouted grains and oil seeds
  • rich in secondary plant substances
  • high degree of organically bound trace elements
  • exclusively with natural vitamin E
  • including the essential amino acids lysine and methionine


The perfect balance

Struktur-Energetikum has been specifically designed to make the most nutritionally valuable contribution possible to your horse’s diet, to effectively balance excess starch and protein intake, as well as to prevent any of the mineral deficiencies commonly associated with conventional feeds. Its dense nutrient content make it an ideal feed for ponies, small horses and special breeds, as well as for horses with muscular, stomach or digestive problems, and those susceptible to laminitis, but still in need of a highly nutritious, low-starch feed.

The big difference

Struktur-Energetikum contains more than 30 different herbs that are added only when in season. These herbs provide the valuable secondary plant substances. Among them are for example ethereal oils, polyphenols or flavonoids, all of them being useful and necessary for a horse-appropriate feeding. Nutritional herbs are known to have digestion supporting (peppermint, coriander, yarrow), cleansing and detoxifying (nettle, birch, elder) and mucolytic (fennel, sage, anise) properties. Tea, spice or meadow herbs are therefore an important component in the horse feed, contributing to the general well-being and to a healthy metabolism.

Rich in essential fatty acids

Struktur-Energetikum features a wide variety of sprouted grains resp. oil seeds: corn, rice, barley and wheat germs, sunflower and grape seeds, flax, fennel and black cumin seeds. All these fatty acids contain valuable vegetable oils, high-quality protein, natural vitamins and lecithin. This makes Struktur-Energetikum extremely rich in physiologically valuable, polyunsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Supporting digestion

The brewers yeast, malt, dried fruit, flax seed, special trace element combinations and herbs included in Struktur-Energetikum prevent the formation of excess intestinal gas and facilitate digestion, probiotic growth, protect the intestinal flora – thus effectively supporting the immune system.

Weight20 kg

Maize germs, barley flakes, dried apples, apple syrup, herbs (peppermint, marjoram, coriander, fennel, sage, yarrow, caraway, anise, oregano) 6,8%, cornflakes, wheat bran, alfalfa fibres, sugar beet fibres, warm air dried chopped grass, sugar beet molasses, oil mixture (linseed, sunflower, maize germ oil) 2,8%, sea algae chalk, oil seed mixture (linseed, sunflower, fennel, black caraway seeds) 2,6%, oat bran, whole grain oats 2%, barley germs, salt, seaweed meal, grape skins, garlic, brewer's yeast, wheat germs, grape seed extract, Himalayan salt


Raw protein 9,9%, Raw fibre 11%, Raw fat 8%, Raw ash 10%, Digestible raw protein 85g/kg, Digestible energy 14 MJ/Kg, Calcium 1,3%, Phosphorus 0,5%, Magnesio 0,5%, Sodium 0,4%, Lysine 0,4%, Methionine 0,1%

Nutritional additives (per Kg)

Vitamin A 23.000 IE, Vitamin D3 2.500 IE, Vitamin E 400 mg, Vitamin B 115 mg, Vitamin B2 115 mg, Vitamin B6 8 mg, Vitamin B12 55 mcg, Biotin 350 mcg, Nicotinic acid 60 mg, Folic acid 7 mg, Pantothenic acid 30 mg, Choline chloride 500 mg

Microelements (per kg)

Iron 170 mg, Zinc 270 mg, Manganese 240 mg, Copper 55 mg, Iodine 2,2 mg, Cobalt 2,2 mg, Selenium 0,7 mg

Feeding recommendation

Ca. 150 – 200 g per 100 kg body weight per day. Struktur-Energetikum is generally useful for each kind of horse. For warmblood horses we recommend 1 kg, for high-performance horses 1,5 kg per day, in addition to the usual ration of cereals or other concentrated feed. But about the same amount could be reduced from the usual concentrated feed. An addition of mineral feed is not necessary. For small horses, ponies or horses who do need less energy Struktur-Energetikum could be used as an exclusive supplementary feed. Always provide good and enough roughage.

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