Luzerne Mix 18 kg

Luzerne Mix 18 kg


Shredded alfalfa and green oats fibres with molasses and vegetable oils.

St. Hippolyt’s Alfalfa MIX is a hygienically processed dried product, made from alfalfa and green oats. The continuously high quality ensures that it is versatile and easy to use.

  • dried with the greatest of care to preserve the valuable nutrients
  • largely dust-free and very hygienic
  • continuous high quality – no matter what the season
  • shredded form stimulates appetite
  • rich in energy


St. Hippolyt’s Alfalfa MIX contains more amino acids, raw fibres and fat than conventional hay and is even richer in energy carriers – and consequently ideally suited as a feed for competition and breeding horses. Daily grain rations can be reduced and the digestibility increased at the same time. Mixing St. Hippolyt’s shredded alfalfa with the concentrated feed will increase the volume of the daily ration, it will stimulate chewing and thus support digestion.

Weight18 kg

50% alfalfa (joung, fresh, shredded), 30% cutted green oats, 10% clover, 5% molasses, 5% vegetable oils


Raw protein 12,0 %, Raw fibre 32,0 %, Raw fat 2,4 %, Raw ash 10,9 %, Digestible raw protein 82 g/kg, Digestible energy 10,5 MJ/kg, Starch & sugar 10,0 %, Calcium 1,2 %, Phosphorus 0,3 %, Magnesium 0,3 %, Sodium 0,1 %, Potassium 2,1 %, Vitamin D3 980 IE, Vitamin E 110 mg, Carotene 112 mg

Microelements (per Kg)

Sulfur 2.000 mg, Iron 615 mg, Zinc 22 mg, Manganese 33 mg, Copper 9 mg, Selenium 0,3 mg

Feeding recommendation

Ca. 150 – 500 g per 100 kg body weight per day in addition to the usual roughage. Luzerne-Mix could be offered as a substitute for concentrated feed; especially instead of cereals.

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