Endurance St Hippolyt

Endurance St Hippolyt


St Hippolyt product with K.E.R. paternership

Scientifically proven high-performance feed for endurance riding.


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Success through research

Training, competition and victories. There is nothing that comes even close to describing the closeness felt between rider and horse after having successfully competed together. However, our chances of success and victory increase if the horses willingly co-operate, if they deliver the required performances and if they are prepared to give their very best. The competition horse was of course especially bred and trained to match these requirements, but a perfect feeding facilitates the horse to successfully releasing its power and stamina reserves. With International Sports, you can perfectly support your sport partner on the basis of scientifically formulated and well-proven high-performance feeding concepts.


International Sports

Scientifically proven high-performance feed


Endurance has been specifically developed in collaboration with the internationally renowned Kentucky Equine Research Institut (KER). The feed formula is based on sound scientific principles regarding equine performances and have proven themselves at Olympic Games as well as in racing and endurance riding events.


– muscle-supporting nutritional supply

– including 300 mg natural vitamin E per kg

– free from herbs

– contains ground algae, oil and oleaginous fruits


All of KER’s research is done only with a view to improve the horses’ health and physical constitution. The applied research includes assessing breathing-related and blood parameters while horses are running on a high-speed treadmill exerciser as well as nutrient analyses and bone density measurements. Working in collaboration with horse owners and partners from the feed producing industry, KER uses these findings to improve related equine care practices and principles. In Germany, KER’s partner is St. Hippolyt, and the result of this co-operation is the high-performance feed International Sports. Because enhanced performances in sport require not only power and stamina, but also the ability to concentrate and good nerves.


Scientifically proven

St. Hippolyt horse feeds only contain moderate amounts of starch. KER has provided scientific proof to support this approach: feeds that are high in starch, and that consequently have a very high glycemic index, unnecessarily elevate the blood sugar and thus lead to insulin-related fluctuations in performance, loss of fitness and a lack of energy reserves. However, feeds with a moderate content in starch, but a high degree of fat and raw fibre, only slightly raise the muscle lactate and carbon dioxide production, boosting at the same time the cardiac and endurance performances. Low-starch feeds, furthermore, have also been found to reduce sweat production, to improve breathing and to reduce digestive problems. A reduced insulin release and the associated lower rise in the blood cortisol level improve the stress tolerance and promotes a calm temper.


International Sports Endurance

Endurance riding requires a predominant aerobic muscle metabolism and an extremely high level of stamina and a lot of oxygen. This makes it important to keep lactic acid production low and to use feeds with low glycemic indexes and low carbohydrate contents. Therefor International Sports Endurance is perfectly addapted to those needs. The combination between oil and cereals has an influence on the fat resp. starch supply and can be adapted to the actual required needs.

Weight20 kg
Dimensions80 × 40 × 20 cm

Whole grain oat flakes 18%, sugarbeet fibres, cornflakes, barley flakes, oil seed mixture (linseed, sunflower) 4,8%, oil mixture (maize germ, linseed, sunflower oil) 4%, wheat bran, sugarbeet molasses, dried apples, alfalfa fibres, maize germs, apple syrup, Himalayan salt, sea algae chalk, brewer´s yeast, fruit vinegar, wheat germs, seaweed meal


Raw protein 11,0 % Raw fibre 8,5 % Raw fat 7,0 % Raw ash 7,5 % digest. raw protein 92 g/kg digestible energy 12,8 MJ/kg Calcium 1,3 % Phosphorus 0,5 % Magnesium 0,3 % Sodium 0,4%

Nutritional additives-Additives per kg:

Vitamin A 13.000 IE Iron 180 mg Vitamin D3 1.300 IE Zinc 140 mg Vitamin B1 10 mg Copper 45 mg Vitamin B2 13 mg Iodine 0,7 mg Vitamin B6 5 mg Cobalt 0,1 mg Vitamin B12 40 mcg Selenium 0,5 mg Biotin 400 mcg Folic acid 4 mg Pantothenic acid 20 mg Choline chloride 500 mg

Microelements (per kg)

E Iron 180 mg Zinc 140 mg Manganese 90 mg Copper 45 mg Iodine 0,7 mg Selenium 0,5 mg

Feeding recommendation:

Ca. 500 – 700 g per 100 kg body weight per day An additional needed energy could be delivered with cereals, Struktur-Energetikum, HippoLinol or alfalfa.

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