Lamin 1 kg


Lamin 1 kg

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Healthy cells and tissues by seaweed

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Healthy cells and tissues by seaweed
Just for the maintenance of an effective metabolism and intact immune system, a vital fiber diet is essential. Nature provides for plenty of herbs, buds, leaves, bark, mosses and grasses available. Here can be found on the menu of the horse in our industrialized landscape fewer such natural regulatory substances.
Lack consequences for metabolism …

Metabolic and immune systems are weakened by such a vital nutrient deficiency and prone to mistakes. Thus, for example, can accumulate in the joints due to a sluggish metabolism waste products, the disposal of unwanted corrosive byproducts of metabolism may stalled so that the tissue propagated such a “radical” are exposed to substances. Simultaneously, the oxygen and nutrient supply to the inner joint districts threatens to go into deficit.
In particular, so-called glycoproteins play scientific result as stabilizers for surfaces vulnerable tissue inflammation a major role.
LAMIN provides specific nutritional building blocks in the form of natural glycoprotein precursors from seaweed.
Lamin has – made particularly as a co-constituent of Movicur recipe a name.

… And immune system …

A weakened immune system may open the floodgates for horses organism harmful microorganisms. A weakened immune system often also shows shortages and overreactions. Direct and indirect attacks on the body’s own tissues by immune system cells are the possible consequences.

… And its impact for the horse

The described metabolic supply and disposal bottlenecks can lead to many body tissues and the associated organs in conjunction with the immunological regulation problems irritation, signs of degradation and malfunction. Frequently affected include the joints, spine and tendon complex (-> movement disorders), the lining of the airways, the gastrointestinal tract, the reproductive organs and the laminae.

Seaweed can exert a positive influence on many deficiencies of the horse due to its wealth of natural minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates rare and secondary plant compounds. In particular, they compensate for the defects that are related to the metabolism and the immune system.

Interesting are mainly brown seaweed with a special nutrient patterns. The cell walls of these marine algae contain particular sugar compounds, which are related to the outermost coating layer of mammalian cells. This additional food components for stabilizing tissue surfaces are supplied, for example, by immune cells or aggressive metabolic molecules (“Radical”) were attacked. Thus also the regeneration-promoting oxygen transport in cells and tissues is favored.

Lamin provides specific nutritional building blocks in the form of natural glycoprotein precursors from seaweed. Lamin has – made a name – especially as a co-constituent of Movicur formulation.

Weight1 kg
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Barley flakes, carrots, whole grain oats, seaweed meal, brewer's yeast, sugar beet molasses, herbs (coriander, thyme, rosemary), linseed / sunflower oil mixture cold pressed grape seed extract, garlic, barley sprouts, apple pomace, sea salt, Himalayan salt


Crude protein: 9.9% Crude fiber: 6.3% Crude fat: 5.3% Crude ash: 15.0%

Volume elements

Calcium: 1.0% Phosphorus: 0.4% Magnesium: 0.2% Sodium: 0.2% Potassium: 0.5%


Fat-soluble vitamins per kg: Vitamin E: 1,000 mg Water-soluble vitamins per kg: Vitamin C: 1,000 mg Trace elements per kg: Zinc: 200 mg

Feeding recommendation

30g for large horses per day; Adjust accordingly for smaller horses Quantity

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