EquiMall St Hippolyt

EquiMall St Hippolyt


Concentrated, liquid malt and yeast extract which contains five different types of malt, a range of special herbs and lysed yeast.

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This concentrated, liquid malt and yeast extract contains five different types of malt, a range of special herbs and lysed yeast.

  • stimulates appetite and digestion
  • great taste and highly nutritious
  • supports the energy production in the muscles
  • rich in valuable fermentation products
  • no sugar or carbonic acid added



Malting is a process applied to cereal grains in which the grains are made to germinate by soaking in water and are then quickly stopped from further germination by drying with hot air. During germination, the grains produce a lot of enzymes that break down protein, starch, cellulose and pentosans. These enzymes then convert the grains’ vital nutrients into soluble substances that will help the germ sprout. However, the germination will then be stopped and the derived green malt will be heated in an extensive drying process to maintain its storability, giving the resulting malt the typical toasty aroma.

Finest malt extracts

EquiMall is made of five different types of malt that are crushed and mashed with water. This slow process at low temperatures causes the grains’ enzymes to release a vast range of essential vital nutrients, such as highly nourishing sugar compounds that are only found in malt extracts, like for example maltose, malt sugar or maltotriose. Maltol and isomaltol count among the primary tasting agents. The vast range of volatile organic acids, polyphenols and decomposition products from protein compounds, such as amino acids and peptides as well as nucleoside compounds, are a direct reflection of the wealth of vital and essential nutrients that are released by the enzymes’ grain decomposing activities.

Herbs, enzymes and antioxidants

EquiMall’s unique flavour is the result of a range of spices and herbs added to the mix in the process of production. Together with the malt enzymes, this efficiently promotes digestion. EquiMall also contains a range of natural phenol compounds such as flavonols, catechines and anthocyanins. These highly antioxidant substances contribute to protecting the heart, vessels, muscles, skin and nervous system.

A pure and natural product

While conventional malt beer usually contains added sugar, caramel and carbonic acid, EquiMall is a pure, natural and totally alcohol-free product. Its dark colour and the sweet flavour are simply the result of its extremely high malt content. 300 ml EquiMall correspond to more than 1 l conventional malt beer. After adding the fresh and liquid yeast, EquiMall is gently heated and airtight packed in a special vacuum process. The patented filling technology prevents the product from an early deterioration. Despite no preservatives are added, there will be no loss in quality. The lysed, bioactive fresh yeast is rich in natural B vitamins and is especially suited for intestinal flora related problems and a poor general performance.

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Malt 90%, brewer's yeast 5%, herbs 5% (sage, cilantro, basil, lemongrass, rosemary, fennel, peppermint)


Raw protein 0,1 %, Raw fibre 0,0 %, Raw fat 0,0 %, Raw ash 2,0 %, Sugar 17,0 %

Feeding recommendation

ca. 30-80 ml per 100 kg body weight per day offered in addition to the usual feed and mixed with it. EquiMall could also be fed in IrishMash.

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