German Horse Pellets

German Horse Pellets


Wood pellets in confortable sacks of 15 kg for bedding

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  • production

German Horse Pellets are made out of softwood. They are free from any additives.

  • very absorbent

Highest moisturizing factor through a bigger surface. One bag of German Horse Pellets absorbs a whole 63 liters of urine. In order to kill the germs, the raw shavings are heated and pressed into the shape of pellets under high pressure. Ammonia formation is significantly inhibited. Pleasant scent of wood & excellent climate in the stable.

  • minimal amount of manure

80% less manure! Droppings can be separated easily with a pitchfork. Good material remains completely in the box. Soaked spots darken and are easily taken out. After the first bedding simply 1-2 bags of Horse Pellets to spread per week. Breaks down fast.

  • Highest quality for your horse!

elastic mattress


dry & skid-proof

  • saves time & money

Easiest handling. Low on consumption. The bedding can be kept in the box for several months. Through the compressed form of the German Horse Pellets it is also easy to store them, compared to shavings or straw.

Weight15 kg
Dimensions33 × 17 × 78 cm
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