Glyx wiese senior-faser palatin 15 kg St Hippolyt

Glyx wiese senior-faser palatin 15 kg St Hippolyt


Forage for old horses

Palatin Glyx-Wiese Seniorfaser

Glyx-Wiese Seniorfaser is to enhance the forage part of the daily ration, as well as for feeding horses dental problems. The careful manufacturing process used for SENIORFASER minimises the dust and microorganisms commonly found in fibre products. The length of the particles in this product facilitates salivation, which in turn improves the consumption of fibre. It is the ideal product for older horses that cannot grind forage and can be used dry or soaked.

Feeding recommendation:

in replacement of basic feeds: daily 1.2 – 1.5 kg per 100 kg body weight

to upgrade the basic feed ration: adapt the quantity to the usual amount of roughage 1 kg Senior Faser replaces 1 kg hay.

Palatin Glyx-Wiese Senior Faser has been designed as an appropriate alternative to roughage or to upgrade the daily hay or silage ration or to substitute the concentrated feed for horses on a low or grain-free diet. Useful for horses suffering from tooth or chewing problems. This is especially recommended for seniors to counteract loss in weight.

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 40 × 80 × 20 cm
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