Build Up St Hippolyt 1000Kg 50 bags of 20kg

Build Up St Hippolyt 1000Kg 50 bags of 20kg


Build muscles and energy.
Special feed for horses

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Feed for work horses and agonists

Rapid muscle growth.

Keep the muscle toned and fight lactic acid
COMPONENTS: barley flakes, lucerne straw, hot dried grass, corn flakes, sugar beet molasses, oat bran,
 wheat bran, apple syrup, cold pressed flax and sunflower seeds,
 dried apple, flakes oat, maritime and mineral calcium carbonate, black cumin, 
brewer's yeast, pea protein, herbs (fennel, mint, rosemary), salt, sugar beet molasses,
 malt and yeast extract, vinegar, carrots.


Iron 300gr

Zinc 180gr

Manganese 170gr

Copper 45gr


Selenium 0.6mg

Iodine 0.6mg

Recommended dose per 100 kg of the horse's weight: 2.5 to 4 kg depending on the intensity of the training.

This supplement contains vitamins and trace elements as a complete nutrition.

Being PRESERVATIVE FREE, it is advisable to store food in a cool and dry place.
For a more specific diet, contact the St Hippolyt staff Weight 1000 kg Dimensions 80 x 120 x 210 cm
Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 80 × 120 × 210 cm
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