Hepatic Protect Brandon Plus 3kg


Hepatic Protect Brandon Plus 3kg

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Supports liver cell regeneration
Activates hepatic metabolism
With increased stress, fatigue and poor performance
Protects liver cells
Enriched with ProbioMED ®

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The liver is the central metabolic organ of the body.
It is responsible for the production of vital proteins, the utilization of nutrients, the production of bile, and the breakdown and excretion of metabolic products, drugs and toxins.
Spoiled feed, medicines, poisonous plants or harmful substances from the environment can damage the liver and therefore endanger the health of the horse.
Brandon plus hepatic Protect supports complex hepatic metabolism and regeneration of liver tissue.

ProbioMED ® (precious nucleotides of the PSB ® complex and β-glucans) in combination with high-quality amino acids provide the ideal building blocks for the formation of new liver cells. 
The milk thistle seeds contained in it also support the synthesis of liver cells and at the same time have a protective effect on the liver. 
Furthermore, the artichoke contains bioactive bitter substances that stimulate the production and flow of bile and consequently lead to better digestion of fats. 
Furthermore, the natural antioxidants of grape seeds, vitamin E and essential fatty acids of linseed oil protect against harmful free radicals.
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