Medigest Forte 1kg Brandon Plus St Hippolyt


Medigest Forte 1kg Brandon Plus St Hippolyt

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For watery stools

For flatulence, diarrhoea and absorption problems

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Horses are exposed to a multitude of different toxins, so-called mycotoxins,
through food consumption. Most of these toxins originate from the metabolism
of fungi which either live in close association with the grass plants or appear as
spoilage parasites (mould) in hay, straw or cereals.
500 different mycotoxins are currently defined, which mutually increase each
other’s effects. Many horses are overburdened with the elimination of these
toxins and often show digestive problems such as watery stools, liver function
tests results which deviate from the norm, a weakened immune system, lung
diseases, weight loss, a drop in performance and reduced feed consumption as
well as behavioural and rideability problems caused by the strain of the toxins.
Brandon® plus medigest distinguishes itself with a high proportion of bioactive
cell wall components from yeast and lactic acid bacteria, vegetable polysaccharides,
functional fibres and various clay minerals. The pure natural ingredients of
Brandon® plus medigest affect the detoxification process on a variety of levels.
The toxins are securely bound and enzymatically inactivated, pass through the
horse’s digestive tract without causing any damage and are excreted with the
– for watery stools
– for flatulence, diarrhoea and absorption problems
– for urticaria
– for restlessness
– targeted enzymatic detoxification (biotransformation)
– physical binding (toxin absorption)
– activation of the intestinal immune system

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