Ungulat Hoof Lotion 450 ml St. Hippolyt

Ungulat Hoof Lotion 450 ml St. Hippolyt


Regenerating and moisturizing hoof gel based on plant stem cells and algae extracts.

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Regenerating and moisturizing hoof gel based on plant stem cells and algae extracts. The innovative solution for healthy hooves: plant stem cells. enormous protection potential Regeneration and maintenance of the tissue through constant cell renewal exceptional reproductive and differentiation potential naturally rich in valuable fats, proteins, polyphenols and growth factors Recommended for horses with: brittle, brittle hooves poor hoof tissue growth poor development of the ray White line disorder dry hooves Healthy hooves are essential for the well-being and quality of life of our horse. You are that The supporting foundation and no other part of the body has to withstand such enormous loads every day. In addition to needs-based feeding (e.g. UNGULAT hoof treatment), regular care of the hooves is also one of the things necessary measure to avoid and regenerate hoof problems.

The innovative and high quality Composition of UNGULAT Hoof Lotion on the basis of a highly effective herbal Stem cell complex, in interaction with powerful growth factors (signal proteins), regenerated Hoof damage and stimulates hoof horn growth. In addition, UNGULAT donates Hoof Lotion Moisture without clogging pores.

The unique combination of bioactive substances initiated the body’s own repair mechanisms and regeneration processes, at the same time UNGULAT Hoof supplies Lotion the hoof with essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The interaction of the care for various components of the UNGULAT Hoof Lotion and … (see website)


FEEDING RECOMMENDATION APPLICATION Apply to the cleaned hoof 2-3 times a week. For best results, we recommend cleaning the hooves thoroughly with water beforehand to dry off. It is recommended to apply the UNGULAT Hoof Lotion on the coronary band.

Please shake before use. Store in a cool and dark place

COMPOSITION Polyacrylate base, water, growth factors, plant stem cells, preservatives and coloring agents

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