For the gentle cleaning of the hair and for the care of stressed and stressed skin. For a shiny and healthy coat.
Supports the skin in case of itching and skin irritation caused by infestations by mites or parasites

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Regenerating and soothing care after cutting. For healthy skin and a vital and shiny coat
Promotes the regeneration of dog skin stressed by the cut
Prevention and support for superficial skin irritations
Reduces dandruff
Strengthens the natural protective function of the skin
Protects the skin from moisture loss, even when exposed to sunlight
Also suitable for sensitive dogs
Active ingredients and natural ingredients

Cutting can cause minor skin injuries. These lesions are easy entry points for parasites, bacteria and fungi, which weaken damaged skin, cause itching, and cause inflammation.

The liverworts have developed during their evolution excellent defense substances against fungi and bacteria. 
Calendula is known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. 
Wheat proteins protect stressed skin from dehydration and give the coat a silky sheen. 
Panthenol has a regulating effect on hydration and strengthens the barrier function of the skin. 
The after-cut spray should be used immediately after shaving. Use once a day within the first few days. two weeks after the cut.
For preventative skin and coat care, Relax Aftershear can also continue to be applied as needed without hesitation

Composition "aftershear for dogs":
Liver extract, wheat protein, calendula extract, panthenol. Vegan.
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